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Parents’ Committee

The Parent’s Committee at KBWH is an integral part of the school community. It is the lively and effective interface between the school and the parents. The parent’s committee holds regular meetings together as well as with the school principal to raise and discuss general issues and specific concerns and queries. These committees organize many activities during academic years, plan awareness campaigns, contribute to decisions taken at school, and support school in its continuous improvement.

 The parent’s committee members for the academic year 2019-2020 are:

Preschool,Cycles One and Two:

Wissam Shebaro
Vice President
Mohammad Damage
Issam al-Agha
Financial OfficerMohammad al-Maghawri

Financial Officer

Ola Rizk

Mirna al-Ghali

Dina Shehab

Cycles 3 and 4:

Position Name
Sultan al-Kaaki

Vice President
Tammam Itani

SecretaryRola Abu-Laban

Financial Officer
Omar Iskandarani

Financial Officer
Nisreen Toukan

MemberKawthar al-Jamal

MemberKhaled al-Hosari