About Us

About Us          Vision, Mission, Philosophy, and Core values

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To ensure a sustainable and just society, we empower students to be more engaged in their world and increase their academic, political, intellectual, social and artistic leadership potential.



Our mission at KBWH is to provide high quality education in a positive and inclusive atmosphere that yields openness to creative ideas, with a profound commitment to Islamic, Arab and national principles.



Our philosophy is to provide excellence in education through equipping our students with the 21st century skills essential for the current demands in linguistic, scientific, artistic and technological fields whereby they develop cultural awareness and leadership traits.


Core Values

KBWH community should demonstrate core – leadership values such as:

  •    Excellence
  •    Responsibility
  •    Respect
  •    Leadership
  •    Optimism

Our Future Objectives

  •    To equip students with inquiry skills to become life-long inquirers
  •    To incorporate ethical and social values that cope with the technological and scientific development and that align with the modern society’s needs
  •    To prepare leaders with humane traits