Secondary Student’s Life

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Secondary Student’s Life

High school looks to many students a life changing period, and it actually feels that they are grownups having to handle more responsibilities.It is a one step closer to the real world, where everyone has to settle things and start thinking of their majors and future careers.

Being a KBWH’s student at high school, you’ll encounter a whole twist of who you are and your life!

In KBWH, students have the opportunity to start deciding their future majors by being introduced to career guidance workshops and tours organized by the school counselor.

Kicking off with high school everything looks different, a whole new level of experience and extracurricular activities start!

Students tend to participate in different leadership programs such as the MAL program and MUN program organized by LAU.

Concerning sports and activities, students have the chance to exert all their efforts during the national competitions where athletes constantly prepare for bringing back the trophies, medals and titles back to their home court.

At KBWH, high school students are eligible to volunteering work and community service activities. They spend 60 hours of community service activities in different fields of their interest. This program is organized by Makassed Volunteering Unit along with the Makassed Cancer Center, DSC and the School of Autism in Beirut.

Our talented students in fields of Arts and Music have the chance to be part of the School Clubs. School Choir performs annually in different concerts and competitions and around 50 students are members of the choir in which they express themselves and feel free to sing and perform after a series of rehearsals.

To add things up, Makassed association organizes annual competitions in Speech Performance, Art Fairs, Math, Science Fairs and Quran Reciting. Students spend months preparing to compete and fully present KBWH with pride and honor.