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Hussein Al Bosh (Gr. 11) have participated in a research study at the American University of Beirut about the Cytotoxic effects of acute exposure to cigarette smoke and water pipe on A549 cell line and delivered his presentation in “STREAM Into College” AMALOUNA Final Conference where he presented a summary of the research and the results obtained.

Basmat Zaman

Tiya Kastiro, Lea Alloush, and Reina FakherEddine ranked first for grade 11 program for their project entitled “Basmat Zaman”

Saeed Kaisi, Jad Kabbani, Louna Nammoura ranked first for grade 10 program and their project entitled “Cerise Organique”.

Value and Values Award National

Cycle Four student Tiya Kastiro won the first place in the annual Value and Values Award National Competition organized by Rakiza and Injaz foundations, aiming at finding practical innovative solutions for global economic problems.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, or in our case in 100 days!

It is with great pleasure to announce the opening of the first fully funded Makerspace at Makassed KBWH.

A makerspace is a place where students and teachers come together to create, invent, prototype, design, tinker, explore, discover, code, build, craft, draft, draw and more. Students can work individually or collaboratively using a variety of high and low-tech tools and materials.

his achievement is the result of a 100-days challenge where a dedicated team of students, teachers, parents and community members collaborated to reach the goal of more than 35 innovative projects.

We are humbled with this achievement that couldn’t have happened without the support and trust of #nafda and the supportive #STEAMLAB team of principals and coordinators from various schools in Lebanon.

MEPLI Workshop By Harvard Graduate School of Education at KBWH

Our amazing students welcomed Ms. Shaylyn Carey, Associate Director, MEPLI and International Programming Professional Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education at Makassed Khaled Ben El Walid College while hosting Harvard Graduate School of Education MEPLI Workshops organized by the Makassed education office.

Extra-Curricular Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

Extra-curricular activities at KBWH aim to develop well-rounded students. They go hand-in-hand with academics to include learning new skills, improving academic performance, appreciating individual differences, respecting the environment, and improving management skills. KBWH’s extracurricular activities are of various kinds such as cultural, philanthropic, athletic, and social.

KBWH students take part in national and international conferences, competitions, science fairs, drama, music competitions and concerts both inside and outside Lebanon. Field trips, both educational and recreational, are scheduled annually where students visit theaters, museums, historical sites, art exhibitions, and book fairs.


Physical education is an important part of the school’s curriculum.  “Leaders to Be” are assessed in their athletic abilities at beginning of the preschool level. In the elementary school, physical education classes (PE) aim to develop motor coordination and balance skills.  In the middle and secondary school, PE classes focus on the techniques required for both team and individual sports.  KBWH’s physical education is part of the curriculum in the Lebanese Baccalaureate program, foreign program and inclusive program.

 Competitions among Makassed schools are regularly organized promoting student participation in athletics and sportsmanship. KBWH’s teams compete locally and internationally in football, basketball, volleyball, handball, and handball. 

So if you are sports mad, you are most welcome to join one of our many teams.

Dance by CLES

Dance by CLES (Lebanese Center for Special Education) in collaboration with the National Dance Institute (NDI) is an amazing educational inclusive dance program provided for grade 5 students. Through this kinesthetic learning experience, students are not only learning how to dance, they are also learning how to follow directions, remember steps, understand patterns, and associate movement with emotional expressions. Moreover, this program helps children despite their needs to gain discipline, self-confidence, and trust in others. At the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to participate in spectacle end of year dance recitals attended by their parents.




It challenges kids’ IQ and enhances their problem-solving skills. It also improves the students’ memory, creativity and concentration.

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Genius Map

Believing in the abilities of our students and in their academic and scientific abilities, we cooperated with the global Genius Map, which is a modern Japanese program that develop the work of the brain of children of ages 4 to 14.

The global Genius Map program has been implemented in our school as a school club, with the aim of enhancing students ’self-confidence, strengthening their memory and developing their ability to think, understand, analyze, and create. Genius Map allows students to participate in national and international competitions as well.  


Quran Club

Based on our mission at KBWH that commit to Islamic principles, our school has the Quran club after school which aims at enriching students’ knowledge of Islam.


Art Club

Our art club creates a space for students to express their artistic sense without any boundaries.
KBWH art club is a place for students to nurture an interest in art in addition to building and developing their skills and techniques. Through working on art projects, club participants enhance their creativity and self-expression. Through their weekly sessions, participants discuss and work on their artistic skills outside their curricular art classes in a relaxed and informal setting.

Art therapy

Art Therapy

Art therapy club is an after school inclusive club for students of ages 6 till 12. In this club, students express freely in various ways in stress free environment. Activities during the art therapy sessions are designed allow to aid participants to develop self-awareness, and to find ways to effectively manage their emotions and feelings. Moreover, it aims at helping students develop better coping skills.


KBWH Choir

   Preparing for concerts not only requires the discipline of attending weekly rehearsals, but it develops the listening skills and concentration as well. Moreover, it boosts self-confidence and strengthen the feeling of togetherness.
Our Choir brings participants together with a sense of purpose.
 Our beloved KBWH choir is always present in all activities inside and outside school. Students start joining the choir starting grade 4 and never stop at grade 12 since it’s always open to our students even after graduation.

Our choir was the first to join the National Orchestra in 2013 for several concerts in memories of great composers such as Zaki Nassif. Moreover, the pandemic hasn’t stopped our activity, so we joined the virtual honor choir and the recorded virtual videos were a huge online success with more than 6.6K views, 78 shares and counting.