Rules and Regulations

1. Attendance

A well-committed character knows the importance of regular attendance for the development of a leader’s behavior.

a)  General Requirements:

Khaled bin al-Walid / al Horj College’s goal is to provide distinguished education to all students.  

The students need to benefit from the educational chances offered to them; the students and their parents shoulder the responsibility of attending   school hours and daily schedule.

Students must abide by the school hours and daily schedule.

Physical Education skills are the bases for the physical and intellectual development of a leader’s character. Therefore, students should abide by the rules of the P.E. teachers.

Students are not exempted from P.E. classes, unless they present a report from a medical doctor stating the reasons for the exemption.

b)  Absence:

The learning process that takes place inside the classroom is considered an important and basic component of the students’ academic acquisition and educational experience. Students and their parents must realize that absence and tardiness will have a negative effect on the students’ ability and performance.

1-   Attendance of all classes is compulsory. As a result, absence or lateness is only accepted on urgent needs.

 If a student is absent for one day, an explanation, written and signed by his/her parents, should be presented to the office the day the student returns. No more than one valid excuse is accepted per trimester.

 Partial attendance of a school day maybe considered equivalent to one day of absence.

2- In all grade levels, if a student is absent for more than three consecutive days, parents have to present a medical report to the head of the division.

3- Missing classes is considered a major disciplinary offence. Students in that category will face detention*.

4- Students who miss the first three class sessions can not rejoin their class without obtaining the permission of the administration.

5- Absent students have an obligation to assume all their academic responsibility.

 6- School trips are an obligatory part of the school’s program, so all students should participate. An absent student will be disciplined according to the policies of unexcused absence.

7- Medical and dental appointments must not be taken during regular school hours. Students are not allowed to leave any of the classes for medical appointments and consultations.

P.S: Students with contagious diseases should not attend school unless they recover completely and get a signed report from the doctor proving their recovery.

c)  Absence During Tests:

1- If a student is absent without a valid reason or a valid medical report from a previously announced test or exam, he/she will lose the right to do the test or object on any grade given to him/her, unless the administration gives him/her the permission to do it.

2- The administration decides whether to allow a suspended student to attend preannounced tests. The student will be allocated a place at school outside the classroom for this purpose.

3 - If a student is absent the day preceding the test without a valid medical report he/she will not attend the test unless the administration gives him/her permission.

4- When a student is absent without a valid medical report on a test day, he/she will get a zero on that test. The school will not accept more than one excuse during each term.

d)  Tardiness:

1- School gates open at 7:00 am. Students are expected to arrive before the bell at 7:20 am. Arriving after this time is considered tardiness.

2- Students arriving late must report to the supervisor to get a written permission slip to enter the classroom.

The student:

 - must be accompanied by a parent.

 -or presents a letter from the parent clarifying the reason for being late.

 -or a phone call from his parents must precede his arrival .

3-   When a student is late for three times during one term, parents are called to be informed that their son/daughter cannot attend the first period.

4- If a student is late for the 4th time, he/she will get a written warning and will be deprived from attending classes or expelled for the day or detained after school hours in the following cycles:

-Cycle 2 in the elementary level.

-Cycles 3 and 4

5- If the student is late for more than 4 times, he/she will be referred to the administrative board.

Note: Students deprived from attending classes will be responsible for any given materials during their absence.

2. Discipline Policies

a)  General Instructions:

School aims at developing the personal capabilities of the student, which in turn builds his/her self-confidence and strengthens his/her discipline.

The school also expects from students regular attendance, attentive listening, respect and proper conduct in dealing with everyone on campus. Thus, students should abide by the following:

-Follow the instructions of both teachers and administrative faculty.

-Respect others, abstain from using any cursive language, deal with others politely and gently, avoid playing   roughly or running and misbehaving in hallways or on stairways so as not to endanger themselves or others.

-Abstain from eating or drinking inside the classroom, in hallways or on stairs.

-Go quietly and promptly up to and down from classes.

- bstain from gathering in front of school gates or in nearby streets or in any other place wearing the school uniform; behaving in contradiction to the school vision.

-Refrain from selling party tickets, lottery or magazines, distributing handouts or brochures or collecting contributions inside school premises without permission.

-Refrain from taking pictures or videos unless authorized by the head of division.

-Keep the school premises clean and attractive.

-Have with him/her a reasonable amount of money, but must not keep money or other valuable things in lockers or school bag, the school is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings.

-Write down name and class section on all belongings so that they will be returned in case they were lost.

-Be quite and not disturb other classes or students while doing tests.

b) Collective misconduct:

Teamwork is the logical foundation of leadership. Yet, it is not allowed for students to cooperate in any collective work against the school’s regulations. This action leads students, who do not misbehave, to share in order to satisfy their friends. Such actions include collective absence in order to avoid any kind of assigned test or assessment.

1.  Students collaborated in any collective absence are not permitted to return to school unless accompanied by their parents to sign an agreement that they won’t allow their children to commit such actions or any similar behavior.

2.  Students who reject to fulfill any kind of examination or assessment will be given a zero on the specific exam.

c)   Behavior in class:

A class is a place of special environment where students cooperate to perform in a perfect atmosphere of learning and teaching under respect and tranquility.

That is, every student has the right to be present in class without any distraction or misbehavior affecting the performance of the teacher or any other novices’ acquisition.

For this reason, students are to abide by the fulfilled classroom behavioral rules and by any regulations set by teachers of the class in admirable academic atmosphere.

The following are samples of high achieved classroom regulations which if not fulfilled; students shall implement the behavioral procedures (mentioned later)

1.  When teacher enters the class, starting the lesson, students are expected to be ready to start collaborating.

2.  During the period, students are allowed to leave their seats only when they are permitted.

3.  Students have the right to talk only when they are given the permission.

4.  The teacher is the only person who decides the end of the period; the bell is a reminder for the teacher that the period has ended.

5.  At the beginning of each period, students should have their books, workbooks, copybooks and other supplements related to the material given, ready.

6.  Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are considered humiliation to everyone in class.

7.  Specific electronics are allowed by the teacher only.

8.  In case, any student has forgotten his books or copybooks, parents are going to be informed through the agenda for the first time, and parents are to come to school in the second time. Parents will be called if the student neglects doing his/her homework or will be subjected to detention during one of the recesses if he/she restrained from doing his/her work properly in class.

 Note: Substitute teachers have the same authority as the classroom teachers. Thus, students should show proper respect and do what is required of them.

d) Discipline in Playground:

 Students must:

1.Play safely( as provisioned by the supervisors)

2.Use bathrooms for the assigned purposes and not as a playground.

3.Limit their playing with the ball to the assigned places and not on the campus premises.

e)   Discipline Through-Out the Exams:

The students are expected to abide by the following regulations during exams:

1.  Students should enter the exam room properly and quietly.

2.  Each student must sit in his/her proper place and follow the teacher's directions.

3.  Students should write their names on the question paper, scratch, and answer sheet.

4.  No extra time should be allotted to any student who enters the exam late without the consent of the administration.

5.  Students are expected to bring their own kit to the exam room. All personal belongings should be put in a reserved place assigned by the teacher or the administration.

6.  Students are not allowed to borrow things or to communicate with each other at all.

7.  Teachers and supervisors are not obliged to answer any question during the exam.

8.  Students are not allowed to leave the exam room without the approval of the teacher and only under emergency conditions.

9.  Students should follow teacher's instructions at all times. Teachers have the freedom to expel any student from the exam room if he/she misbehaves.

10.  Verbal, written, or any kind of cheating will be dealt with severely. They will not be allowed to resume the exam and will receive a failing grade.

11.  Cheating will make the students fail the exam automatically, and they will be banned from taking the other exams that had been assigned for that day. Moreover, a senior class student will be refrained from the prom ceremony.

12.  Students are not allowed to leave their seats even after handing their exams sheets unless they are allowed to do so.

13.  Students are supposed to submit all their answer sheets promptly and on time. Late submitted sheets are not accepted.

3-School Uniform:

School uniform nurture the feeling of pride and belonging. Thus, personal outlook should be clean, practical, and decent.

The following are the school procedures and regulations that will be implemented against students who refrain from abiding by the school regulations:

1.Students are expected to wear the school uniform (shirt, sweater, dark blue pants, and P.E. uniform), during school hours and during extra-curricular activities unless assigned otherwise. Not conforming to this regulation will subject the student to a written warning if it was his/her first time, and his/her parents will be called to bring the proper uniform. On the second time, parents will be called to take him/her back home.

2.Wearing  Make-Up:

Any facial make-up will have to be removed, and it subjects the girl concerned to a written warning. If the action is repeated, her parents will be called to accompany her back home.

3.Nail polish:

Girls are refrained from nail polishing except for limited colors (transparent, white, French, and very light pink). Any girl who breaks this rule will be subjected to written warning and removal of the polish. However, if the action is repeated, Parents will be called to accompany their daughter back home.


Hair should be neatly styled and well- groomed (no Spiky or Afro). Students are not allowed to have any out-of –the-ordinary hair colors or styles. Student who breaks this rule for the first time will have his hair cut at school and will be granted a severe written warning. However, if this offense is repeated, his parents will be called to accompany him back home.

5.   Low waist cut pants aren't allowed, and no underwear should be exposed.

6.  Head wear, and open shoes aren't allowed in the school premises.

7.  Wearing the Physical Education uniform is a must in all P.E. classes.

8.  The way we dress is a reflection of our personality. Girls are expected to wear decent clothing at all occasions.

9.  A student is expected to have his name, class section written on the inside of his coat to prevent loss.

10.  Tattoos on the skin, drawings on finger nails and body piercing are not allowed.

11.  Sun-glasses may be worn outside school premises.

Prohibited Items on Campus

Although School respects students’ privacy, but school personnel are obliged to ensure a safe and appropriate environment on campus. Therefore, the school board instructs its employees and in particular school administrators, supervisors and teachers to take extreme measures when students are suspected of possessing items prohibited by school regulations.

Prohibited items are as:

1.Fire works

2.Capsules with rotting odors

3.Harmful and dangerous instruments

4.Playing Cards

5.Videos (political or obscene)

6.Pictures (political or obscene)

f)   Disciplinary Procedures ( Penalties) :

Appropriate behavior is expected from all students on/off school property and/or beyond school day.

If the behavior is determined by the head of division to impact the educational environment of the school, the safety and/or welfare of other students, staff, and the maintenance of school order and discipline, Parents are informed and students will be recommended for the following disciplinary actions:

1.Verbal warning.

2.Written warning signed by the parents.

3.Another written warning signed by parents and a Detention*.




Students are detained after school time for an hour and a half, and parents are to provide transportation.

Students come at 8:00 am and leave at 12:00 pm on Fridays.

      During the detention period, Students are not allowed to eat, talk, or work with others.


A significant period of school time will be lost by the student.


Students will be excluded for at least the remainder of the school year.

g)  Disciplinary Probation:

It’s a last chance for the student to prove his/her ability to follow school regulations, while being under the threat of expulsion.