Location And History

The School is not far from central Beirut. Being in the middle of the city, it serves people living in different locations including the suburbs. Due to its location being near to the French ambassador’s house and the well-known Lebanese Pine Garden, the School is known for its pine trees including one of the oldest pine trees of Beirut. It has three buildings were cycles are distributed with a beautiful big campus, thus each cycle has its own playground, in addition to underground areas including a theater, a winter gym,  and gymnastic hall.  There is also a huge multipurpose room, in addition to a mosque.

Our School, Khaled Bin Al-Walid/Al-Horj College, was first founded in 1920 as Kulliyat al Makassed for boys (Makassed College for Boys). It was an elementary School and a vocational School (accounting and business) after grade five. In 1948 Beit el Atfal was founded as a Kindergarten and became in 1952 a distinguished Primary School. In 1956 Khaled bin al-Walid School was founded as an English medium Middle and Secondary School for Girls and Al-Horj College became the French medium middle and secondary School for Boys. From early 1960 until the civil war broke out in 1975 these three Schools targeted the upper Middle Class and distinguished families of Beirut’s society. There was also a boarding Section for students from the Arab Countries and children of Arab diplomats in Lebanon.

Due to the Location of the School, being on the Civil War’s hot line dividing the city into two parts, the School was severely bombarded many times. This resulted in distributing our students among other Makassed Schools located in west Beirut, and eventually, the non-Lebanese students left and the boarding School closed down. 

After the Ta’if agreement in 1989, the Lebanese civil war ended and the three Schools restarted to function regularly again, but with a decreased number of students and some financial and educational obstacles. In 1999, the Makassed Board of Trustees started restructuring the whole association including its Schools in preparation for the demands of the twenty first century, and in 2001, a School based management system was introduced and the three Schools were merged and became one PreK-12 co-ed School with both English and French sections with the new name Khaled Bin Al-Walid/Al-Horj College (KBWH).