Orientation Day

Due to the great impact of parents’ involvement in the learning process, KBWH School conducted an “Orientation Day” for the parents of cycle two students. It was held on the 13th of October at the Elementary Division, where parents were introduced to the learning environment of our classes and they enjoyed their time by watching a small video about their children’s indoor and outdoor activities.



Bake Sale

In order to encourage our students to eat healthy food.... Parents Committee liked to add flavor to our recess, they prepared healthy food to encourage our Leaders to include in their lunch healthy meals KBWH Parents’ Committee prepared a bake sale that was filled with delicious healthy treats.

The Trial of Cardigan Jones

The third graders have got to know the work done in the court in a professional way with the help of the experienced lawyer Mr. Samer  Doughan .This was the introductory stage of their new lesson "The Trial of Cardigan Jones".