A Visit "University of Balamand" and "American University of Science and Technology"
Because it is very important to build a career by choice and not by chance, orientation visits to universities are taking place. As a start, secondary students visited "University of Balamand" and "American University of Science and Technology".

UK exhibition "Light Up your career"
On the Road to a Brighter Future,  KBWH secondary students visited the UK exhibition "light up your career" where they met representatives from colleges and universities, received expert advice on the education in UK, as well as tips on applications, majors to find out which institutions are right for them.

Lebanon EDucation Fair
Because career choices are life choices, we help students to choose wisely. Another career guidance activity took place where KBWH secondary students had the opportunity to participate in "Lebanon EDucation Fair". Universities from Lebanon and around the world presented their various programs to stude