Debate Club

In the debate club students are taught to think rigorously, analyze issues effectively, and better communicate their ideas to their audiences. Participating in debate gives students an improved perspective on the world around them. It requires students to interrogate their assumptions, test their ideas, and present them for public scrutiny.

On Monday June the 15th and in the presence of Mr. Amine Daouk, certificates were awarded to 35 KBWH students from grades 10 and 11 who have completed the required sessions in the debate club.
Why debate club at KBWHC?
We believe that our job is to prepare virtuous leaders and good citizens. So in the debate club, students learn how democracy works.
They are taught the principles of tolerance, nonviolence and respect for different points of view. And with its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork, students are taught skills that serve them well as individuals in school, in the workplace, in political life and in fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of democratic societies.
A huge thank you to Mr. Raef Labaki, who with his effort and hard work, the debate club is a success.

The Student Nour Al Haj won the first place in The rhetorical match between the students of the intermediate stage for the award of the late Hassan Buhsali in its seventy-fourth year.