Integrating Technology

In this day and age, there is no doubt that technology has a great impact on students’ achievements; it is one of the greatest tools for good classroom instruction. We at KBWHC recognize the need to enrich students’ learning experiences and have been working at giving them the right skills to become lifelong learners. Having the necessary utilities such as Interactive Boards, PCs, Tablets, and LCD projectors comprise only one part of this equation of technology. Our teachers play a major role in motivating students to learn through active learning rather than limiting their understanding to content. We are in the process of activating the classroom electronic agenda, providing online assessments, using an interactive language learning website, and the use of e-books. The aim is to give students control over their own learning and to teach them to problem solve and enhance their analytical thinking skills. They are motivated to learn through collaborative group work under the guidance and supervision of their teachers.