Middle School

Middle School KBWH Middle School is a three-year cycle covering grades 7 to 9. It offers two programs: The Lebanese Program which prepares students to sit by the end of its cycle for the official Lebanese brevet exams and the Non- Lebanese Program. The Lebanese Program is available to all students in either English or French for core subjects including math and sciences. In the French track, English is taught as a third language and vice versa. In both tracks, Social Studies, History, Geography, and Civics are taught in Arabic with the study of Arabic Literature and language. The Non-Lebanese Program is available to students coming from Arab countries, Lebanese students who lived more than three years abroad, and students coming from American or British school systems. Special classes in English language, sciences, Math, Arabic language and Social studies are offered based on student’s needs. Learning Support Program: Students with mild and moderate needs are offered pull out sessions with special educators in Math and Languages based on IEP’s done for each student in addition to assigned hours with speech therapist and psychomotor specialists if needed. Modified exams in all subject matters are done based on student’s needs.